Our people are aligned around our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our people are aligned around our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision

We aspire to earn the trust of all of our clients and to be a company that provides them with a steady flow of knowledge, advice and services. By earning trust, we build growth.

Our vision gives context and meaning to our work. It gives us direction. It is the collective spirit we build as a team.

By earning trust, we develop the human connectivity and mutual confidence that generates strong, long-term relationships.

We are creating a unique way of working at Black River.

Our winning attitude drives our Leadership Behaviors. Our Leadership Behaviors and Operating Principles help us shape our culture.

Each one of us has a direct impact on the good things we do for our clients. We strive to build long-term, high performance relationships.

Our Mission

Everything we do is guided by a set of principles and rules that define our character and culture; putting our clients’ interests first has been at our forefront since our inception. Above all, we have made it our highest priority to serve the needs of our investors with guiding principles of Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork and accepting nothing less than Excellence. This commitment is reflected through our professionalism and our passion for excellence. Our values lead us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, long-term perspective, and valuing trust as something we must earn every day.


Business Integrity

To do the right thing.


To discuss the issues in an open manner.


To make the tough calls, to manage ambiguity, and to face adversity with quiet competence.

Emotional Intelligence

To become in tune with oneself and with clients, and to act accordingly.


To take pride in doing things exceptionally well.


To get things done through a bias for action.


To have faith in the company, in the strat­egy, and in oneself.


To know when one doesn’t know and to ask for help. To share the credit.


To know the way, show the way, and go the way. To convince others to follow.


To develop that driving conviction that generates energy.

Performance Recognition

To differentiate by recognizing and rewarding those who contribute more.

Peripheral Vision

To see both the immediate task and the full picture, and to be sensitive to how one’s actions affect others.


To develop the ability to see, and then act beyond the ordinary field of view and ambition.


To recognize differences as assets and to see the unique qualities of each person.


To recognize that unity is strength and to directly work out our differences.


To stay the course and finish the job, even when unexpected obstacles develop.


To earn the trust of others through authenticity, dependability, and sincerity.

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