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At Black River, our philosophy is to provide our clients with relevant and suitable financial products with focus on service, integrity, and ingenuity.

Since our inception, the primary focus of our Registered Representatives, management, and employees is to potentially increase the net worth of our clients, and seek to improve their fiscal well-beings. Black River is committed to providing its valued clients with an extensive selection of investment options, offered through Newbridge Financial Services Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor.

Black River’s Investment Process

An investment process built around your unique needs.

Understanding the Goal

The profile we develop serves as the foundation for an investment strategy designed to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Black River begins by analyzing your financial requirements and goals. What are your basic investment objectives? What are your personal preferences with respect to risk taking and yield? How does your overall financial situation present itself? The answers to these fundamental questions provide the foundation for professionally managing your investment goals.

After analyzing your requirements we work together with you to define an investment strategy that is tailored to your specific situation. Our investment approach does not begin with numbers and pie charts, but with a careful assessment of each client’s individual needs and aspirations


What rate of return are you hoping to attain? Are you looking for a regular flow of income generated, for example, by interest earnings on bonds? How are tax issues best taken into account in your investment strategy?


What proportion of your wealth should be invested for the short term, the medium term, or the long term? The longer your time horizon, the less concerned you may need to be about price fluctuations. A longer time horizon usually increases the likelihood of higher returns over the longer term, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Your portfolio may be exposed to more or fewer fluctuations depending on the strategy you choose. These market movements may produce a negative return for a given year. It is crucial to discover what short-term or medium-term risks are acceptable in order to achieve your investment goals.

Building the Roadmap

Portfolio Diversification through Asset Allocation

The next step of our process is to build the appropriate strategy based on your individual needs. This requires an assessment of market conditions and long-term financial market trends.

The weighting of the various asset categories that make up a portfolio is one of the most important factors in the successful implementation of any investment strategy. Spreading risk among various asset classes and investment vehicles is a classic way of increasing the security of a portfolio. The rule of thumb is that the overall risk of a portfolio may well be reduced as the number of different securities held in different classes in a given market is increased.

Black River also aims to avoid over-diversification, as spreading too thin dilutes the value of diversification. Furthermore, diversification should not focus solely on holdings that seem to indicate above-average potential gains (chasing performance); the stability of returns and the balanced nature of the portfolio are equally vital.*

(Note: A landmark study published by Brinson, Singer and Beebower in 1991- and expanded in 1993- determined that portfolio asset allocation is the most important long-term determinant of investment results. Past performance, stock selection and timing investments in and out of the market were far less influential in achieving long-term results.)

* (Note: Diversification does not insure profit or guarantee against loss.) 


Your Investment Advisor Representative will work with you to understand your profile and to determine your investment risk tolerance and time horizon and help define your investment objectives.


Your Investment Advisor Representative will design a portfolio to suit your investment objectives, then will adjust and rebalance the portfolio periodically based on market fluctuations to maintain the course.

Executing the strategy

Using the asset allocation strategy as a road map, the third step in Black River’s process is the careful selection and combination of the appropriate investment product(s) to implement your portfolio. Newbridge Financial Services Group, Inc. offers many investment solutions and innovative products available to you through your Financial Advisor. Your Investment Advisor Representative will provide you with the most suitable investment strategy based upon your financial objectives.

Monitoring your portfolio

Your portfolio will be monitored to allow it to remain on track to help achieve the investment goals and objectives that you reviewed with your Financial Advisor. Market conditions, contributions to your account and other factors can cause the allocation of your assets to move outside the parameters set for your portfolio. When this happens, we rebalance your portfolio to bring allocations back into the desired range.

Tax-aware portfolios

Separately managed accounts provide direct ownership of the securities in your portfolio. This structure provides substantial control, allowing you and your advisor to actively manage for taxes, and customize an investment solution that reflects your individual goals and objectives.

Your Financial Advisor is not a tax expert, Newbridge Financial Services Group, INC. does not provide tax advice. You are advised to consult your tax specialist, attorney, and/or CPA regarding tax matters and the impact of your investment results on your particular tax situation.

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